Electrical Work During Renovations

When you are dealing with a major renovation at your home, you will also need to hire an electrician. Rather than assuming that work can get done later, you need it done before any other major construction work happens. Below are some jobs electrical contractors in Coeur d’Alene, ID may do during a home renovation:

– Electrical Repairs

When electrical work is being done, you will need to shut off the electrical power in the area where the work is occurring. If there are major electrical projects happening on two floors of your home, it takes one contractor longer and costs more money to do both jobs. Hiring separate contractors is still a good idea even when electrical work needs only be done on one floor. The electrician can either fix an electrical problem or change something that needs updating for safety reasons.

– Powering New Appliances

An electrician can wire new appliances such as air conditioners or refrigerators so they have electricity in them and plug in at their outlets. These appliances require installation by a professional, who may also perform other electrical services like changing electrical plugs or switches.

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– Adding Lighting

If you are planning on adding a new room, electrical work might be needed for lighting and outlets. A contractor can show you ways to add electrical power where there was none before. For example, if your patio is being remodeled into an indoor living space, electrical wiring may need to be moved to the inside of the home through the walls. The electrician can do that without damaging your home’s existing electrical system.

– New electrical outlets

If you are adding a new room or living space, the electrician can add new electrical sockets so you have power in new areas. If your kitchen is getting upgraded and appliances are being moved around, the electrician can install new outlets where power will be needed.